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Pool Accessories

Aqua Pools stocks a huge range of quality pool accessories. We have everything you need to keep your pool pristine, warm and inviting. Some of our accessories include:
  • Lights and water features
  • Cleaners including robotic and suction cleaners
  • Mineral salts
  • Heaters
  • Covers and rollers
  • Reel systems

We've got you covered

If there’s any part or fitting that we don’t have in stock, just ask our team and we would be happy to order it in for you.

Pool Lights & Water Features

Transform your swimming pool into a stunning oasis with quality lighting and water features.

LED lights are available in various colour settings to create an inviting and tranquil look when enjoying those summer BBQ’s.  While water features provide a captivating and magical focal point.  

Water features can enhance the visual appearance of your swimming pool, we can help create that magical look to complete your pool landscape.  Create a look straight from a resort magazine and talk to us today.  

Pool Cleaners and Mineral Salts

A clean pool is an inviting pool and we offer a selection of pool cleaners ranging from robotic to suction cleaners. We can assist with finding the best options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Mineral Pools

Your choice of pool is important, but the water you fill it with is too.

Our team are passionate about mineral salts for healthy, nourishing swims. Mineral bathing is a centuries-old practice, renowned for rejuvenation, relaxation and enhanced water quality. Using the earth’s natural healing properties, minerals create a deeply nourishing water to soothe the body and mind; while leaving water clean, clear and odourless. Often compared to soaking in a Radox bath, they provide a natural, healthy swim environment.

Our team are happy to explain the many benefits of mineral pool systems. You can choose from a combination of the following minerals, each with specific benefits: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and Borates.

Pool Heaters

A pool is a big investment, why not extend your swimming season by up to two months either side of summer?

We have a range of superior heating systems for your pool. High efficiency and quality components make them exceptional value too. You will enjoy a warm pool with significant energy savings for many years to come. Quick and easy temperature control, user friendly and quiet.

To find out more about our range of heating systems, contact us today.

Pool Covers and Rollers

Evaporation is one of the main causes of water loss in a swimming pool. We recommend a purpose fitted pool blanket which helps to reduce evaporation and water loss, but more importantly it helps to retain the water temperature in your pool, particularly when you have a heat pump or solar heating installed.

Purchased with a heat pump, or without, they are a cost effective yet practical accessory for every pool owner.Pool covers vary considerable, so it pays to get the right one.

Don’t buy old technology, insist on the latest. Any shape is possible, they are easy to operate, and available in a range of colours.

Reel Systems

To make using your pool cover easy, you need the right reel system. Our smart design makes using your pool cover a breeze. 

Constructed from stainless steel and aluminium, they are sturdy and stable. Easy, single handed use saves time and effort. They come in with both fixed and mobile options, and suit pools of all shapes.